"Making Music"

The completed documentary about the making of "Semaphore" is coming soon. You'll be able to hear the story of how we recorded the tracks as well as see studio footage from the sessions. 
Coming soon.


The debut album SEMAPHORE is being released January 2021. We are really happy with it and hope you love it as much as we do. It has been a real labour of love for us and it kept us busy through the lockdown.


Album title

We are calling our first album SEMAPHORE. All twelve tracks are now recorded and mixed with just the mastering to do. We're all really happy with it and think it sounds amazing. Artwork is being done for the cover and we've worked out the sequencing of the album as well. 

We still miss those days when sequencing was all important. Of course nowadays we tend to set our Spotify playlists to "random" and see what comes up. But can you imagine The Beatles ABBEY ROAD album being played out of sequence? That would be sacrilege!

We'll make an announcement when the release date is upon us. Can't wait!