Dan is an "Upside Down" guitarist in that he plays left handed, but with the strings strung for a right handed player. He met Alan in the 90s and they immediately clicked musically. Dan was intrigued by Alan's chord shapes which were so different to the regular chords he knew. They wrote and recorded an EP called 'Out Of The Blue' back when CDs were all the rage. Alan's studio background as a sound mixer really helped them achieve a huge professional sound.

After a brief musical break of a few years they decided to form Bandana in 2018. Their songwriting had developed and matured and the excitement of creating songs increased. 

Nigel joined as their third member a short time later adding a third voice to the group as well as keyboard and harmonica.

He was lead singer in the band RED and Alan was a young recording engineer at Anvil Studios where film scores like "Star Wars" and "Superman" were recorded. The two used the studio facilities (after hours of course!) to record tracks together and a great friendship was formed.

The band are currently recording their first album together and despite the lockdown conditions of 2020 they are managing to record and mix in their own home studios. Due for release in 2020 their album will be full of melodic hooks and guitar lead grooves sitting alongside their harmonies. Because of Dan's "Upside Down" technique and Alan's chord shapes and progressions, their guitar playing creates a unique blend of sound unlike anything you've ever heard.